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Titanic Foundation was founded in 2006 with the main objective of manage and promote the historical memory, maritim and human of the most mediatic shipwreck and the most legendary of the ships in world history: the RMS Titanic, which, one hundred years after sinking, continues being a legend.

Although there are numerous associations around the "the ship of the dreams", Titanic Foundation, based in Spain, is the only Foundation, a non- profit organization, dedicated to the protagonist of the human catastrophe that has contributed to the updating methods of rescue and the safety of human life at sea.

In addition, Titanic Foundation works to spread and promote the respect and defense of the environment of our coasts, seas and oceans.

In Titanic Foundation, we have very clear our important mission and the beneficial consequences of transferring our knowledge and our admiration and respect for the Titanic, to the society. Especially to those who dedicate their lives to the sea, aware of these in first person, of greatness, but also of the dangers of sailing and leaving the firm ground behind.

To fulfill our important mission, we have many tools at international level, such as:

  • Conferences.
  • Organization of competitions.
  • Coordination of many events commemorating the shipwreck.
  • Meetings with the relatives of the passengers and the crew of the Titanic.
  • Collaboration with the macro-exhibition “Titanic , The Exhibition”, a emotional exhibition that immerses visitors in the life aboard the Titanic through objects, stories and real scenarios. Thanks to it, more and more people around the world are aware and respectful of the safety of human life at sea and the marine environment.

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