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The Honor Roll

The Honor Roll

On April 14th 2012, after the "centenary dinner" organized by our Foundation, unanimously, the trustees decided to create a recognition that would serve to highlight the people who, throughout his life, had offered their exemplary behavior.

We wanted to make an example of the behavior of most of the crew and passengers of our legendary Titanic, that at all times, even during the most dramatic of the tragedy, were known for their VALUE , NOBILITY AND DELIVERY for others , fulfilling the symbolism of the table presided over the grand staircase:


That same day we decided to give the first three awards to the Heads of State or Government of the countries that were part of the "route of the Titanic"

S. M. The Queen of England and Northern Ireland : Elisabeth II
President of the French Republic : François Hollande.
President of the United States of America : Barack Obama.

The truth is that all who are part of this big titanic family, worldwide, we are delighted that the persons chosen, not only have thanked this recognition, represented in the fond memory of a Henrí Abelé Champagne bottle, which was served on the Titanic, (tailored specifically to their names) and a commemorative plaque, but that, upon receiving this affectionate recognition, they have shown their love and admiration for "the ship of the dreams".

Besides, now are part of our Honor Roll:

Clive Palmer, president of Blue Star Line ( Titanic II )


Vicente Zaragüeta, president of Aquarium of San Sebastian and exemplary dean of the Aquarium of Europe

For us it is an honor that these personalities receive such a lovingly and dearly this recognition, becoming this way part of the Titanic and our Foundation history.

Jesús Ferreiro.


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